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One School - One Book

The Tale of Despereaux

by Kate DiCamillo

book cover


One School, One Book!


Our School is participating in an exciting celebration of reading!  We will all be reading the same book at the same time.  Every family and every member of the JKSIA Community will get a "forever" copy of the amazing new novel, The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo.  Reading aloud at home is valuable because it better prepares your child to be an effective reader. It is also a fun, worthwhile family activity. With the One School, One Book program, we aim to build a community of readers at our school.

Everyone - students, parents, teachers, and even administrative staff - will be participating, and we can all reap the many benefits!

Every day for the next three weeks there will be daily trivia questions to encourage and reward regular reading. Student readers can enter to win a free book from the book fair this May! Your child will take pride in knowing and anticipating the details of the story. In class, there may be various activities that explore the book. You will want to make sure your family keeps up so your child can be included. Soon, everyone will be talking about this amazing story of a mouse, a princess, some soup, and a spool of thread.



Every day during our morning announcements a daily trivia question about The Wild Robot will be shared.

Questions will always be based on our school-wide nightly reading.  You can keep track of our school's nightly reading  using the calendar your family received with your copy of the book


Congratulations to our winners:

Day 1: Charles, Isaac, Isais

Day 2: Grace, LaMaya, Michael

Day 3: Alexius, Jeremiah, Airrian

Day 4: Tilly, Maya, Chris Joseph

Day 5: GracieRae, Alicia, Lawrence

Day 6: Julian, Airrian, Xavier

Day 7: Hilario, Leon, Jesse

Day 8: Simone, Evalina, Olivia

Day 9:

Day 10: